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Welcome to the


A Junior Volleyball Association Power League


The Northwest Power League is a Junior Volleyball Association power league formed by a collaboration of Washington Volleyball Academy of Lynnwood, WA, Team Academy of Surrey, BC Canada, Renovators Volleyball Club of Spokane, WA and Central Region United (CRÛ) of Ellensburg, WA.


For the 2023 season we are excited to have North Pacific Juniors (NPJ) and the Puget Sound Volleyball Academy (PSVBA) join our league to provide a deeper field of highly competitive teams.


In our fourth year, our goal is to provide high-quality competitive experiences for teams across the northwest US. Our focus is providing competition held only in quality facilities with paid officials on every court and a format that creates intensely-competitive matches while limiting time in the gym to six hours per round. Our unique match format creates an environment where every point is contested from your first match of the day until your last.

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NW Power League Week #1

January 6th - 7th

NW Power League Week #2

February 3rd - 4th

NW Power League Week #3

March 2nd - 3rd

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Quality Facilities


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Competitive Format


JVA Insured


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Event Policy

The Northwest Power League is insured by JVA and all participants must fill out and turn into their coach a JVA Liability Waiver and Medical Release form. Each coach must fill out and turn in at check-in for the first Power League date the JVA Coach's Sign-in Form that stipulates that the coach is in possession of all medical release and waiver forms required for each athlete on the roster.


All adults on the roster must have a current background screening through either USAV or JVA and must have completed either a Safe Sport or equivalent JVA Abuse Prevention course certification.


Roster Disclaimer

This tournament is insured by JVA. It is required that each member of the team has signed JVA Waiver of Liability Form and a JVA Medical Waiver and Release Form* and that a hard copy of the form is in the possession of the coach/team rep at all times or available online via SportsEngine.



If an individual is injured during participation in this event, it is the coach’s responsibility to secure a “JVA Incident Report” from the Tournament Director. The form should be completed and retained by the Tournament Director. It is advised that the coach keep a copy for the club records. Medical Claims for insurance coverage cannot be honoured without an Incident Report from. A Medical Claim form can be requested from Lisa Wielebnicki via email at By signing this form, the coach assumes responsibility to have access to the above- named forms at all times.



Each Site Director for the NWPL has the authority to ask any coach, player or spectator to leave the site if in the Site Director's sole judgment the coach, player or spectator is unreasonably disruptive and does not agree to abide by the rules of the facility.


*A USAV Medical Waiver and Release Form are acceptable.

Event Policy
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